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If you still ACCEPT CASH as a form of payment in your business, we have the solution that will save you time and boost your revenue!

​​The Smart Safe Cash Management Solutions For Businesses.


Let us set up your business with the perfect cash solution.

Our Smart Safe Cash Management Solution

  • The machine counts the cash for you, featuring dual high-speed bill validators to ensure accuracy and eliminates error and theft

  •  Increases safety, security and accelerate cash flow.

  • No need to change banks

  • Eliminates the need to make bank trips

  • Saves time preparing deposits

  • Provides a same day provision credit 

  • Increases operational efficiency

  • It boasts a unique self-cleaning capability in the event of note jamming, reducing the need for a service call

  • Increases asset security and employee safety

If you or your employees are still manually handling, counting, reconciling cash and/or physically running to the bank every day, talk to us today!

Let us bring the bank branch to you!

Smart Safe’s are intelligent, in-store cash management systems that are the answers to your problems. Let us improve your business with our perfect cash solution :

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The value of the Smart Safe Program can be measured in your bottom line.

 By reducing shrinkage and threat of external theft, accelerated cash flow, daily credit of funds deposited and visibility to optimize cash operations across your entire retail network, you save valuable time and money.

  • Expedited Cash Flow with Daily Credit – From Your Bank

  •  Cash Efficiency with Lower Risk

  • Improved Efficiency – Optimized Armored transport

  • Enhanced Safety and Security – The Markets Most Advanced Smart Safe


B&B Financial provides exceptional service, outstanding customer support, reliable hardware,and innovative software. We help companies manage their ATMs, Smart Safes and Cashless Payment options by providing the installation, service, training, monitoring, reporting and administrative support they deserve.


By eliminating third-party vendors, we control every aspect of the business. From start to finish, B&B Financialsfull-service model results in higher customer retention rates, which exceeds our customers’ expectations.

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