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Gas stations, convenience stores, bars, restaurants, clubs, hotels, stadiums & malls can generate large amounts of revenue with an on-site ATM.

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 Boost Your Revenue

When you have an ATM machine in your business, you can boost your sales and ensure that you have more cash transactions. The more people pay with cash than with credit cards, the fewer credit card and processing fees you pay.


• ATM users will spend 20% more than a non – ATM customer


• Cash transactions don’t cost anything, as opposed to credit card transactions that have a processing fee.


• Reduce processing fees & save cost.


• Your potential customers will no longer have to stop at your competitors to get cash (and spend it there)

• Attract new customers. People always need cash, and a convenient ATM will bring people into your store who otherwise might not come in.

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B&B Financial provides exceptional service, outstanding customer support, reliable hardware,and innovative software. We help companies manage their ATMs, Smart Safes and Cashless Payment options by providing the installation, service, training, monitoring, reporting and administrative support they deserve.


By eliminating third-party vendors, we control every aspect of the business. From start to finish, B&B Financialsfull-service model results in higher customer retention rates, which exceeds our customers’ expectations.

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