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Retail ATMs

Bars | Restaurants | Convenience Stores | Gas Stations | Liquor Stores Hair Salons | Nail Salons AND MORE

No monthly fees and no hidden costs
o Quick, easy and trouble-free
o Full service, no cost programs for indoor, outdoor or through-the-wall applications.
o Digital branding and visible professional signage
o Bright LED Screens
o Installation and removal of ATM machines
o High-speed wireless communication
o Accurate, on time cash services
o Remote monitoring
o Fully stocked
o 100% dependable and safe with an experienced management team



event mobile ATMS 2 (1).jpg

Special/Specific Events | Music Venues | Music Festivals Fairgrounds | Sporting Arenas

B&B Financial is the east coast’s largest provider of mobile and temporary ATM Services.

o We manage both the installation and removal
o Reliable high-speed wireless communication
o Updated, high=quality and fast performing
o Professional signage
o Accurate and on-time cash services
o Remote monitoring
o Dependable and safe
o Venues have more than 50,000 visitors per day that withdrew more than $750,000.
o Our goal is to ensure that your event is lucrative and a great success

ATM Sale and Purchase Program

o Additional income stream to your business
o Financing options for unique customer needs
o 13-month warranty without monthly fees
o No unnecessary fees to take away from your revenue
o Free shipping

o Full support through the process
      o Programming
      o Reporting
      o Monitoring
      o Training
      o Technical support

o Daily ACH payment of cash inventory
o 24-hour online access to live transactional data
o Status monitoring and ATM balance
o Choose your machine (Hantle, Genmaega, Nautilus, Hyosong)

Your responsibilities are simple
o Loading of cash
o Replacement of printer paper
o Securing ATM to the floor

Owners Requirements
o An electrical outlet
o Communication device such as telephone, internet or wireless router
o Processing agreement
o Operator agreement
o Voided check

ATM Sale and Purchase Program.jpg

ATM Distributor Program

ATM Distributor 2.jpg

If you’re looking for additional income and want to be your own boss, then partner with B&B Financial Services to become an ATM Distributor


ATM Distributors make 100% of all surcharges

  • Enjoy one-on-one personal training

  • Around the clock customer service

  • A team of professionals to help you succeed

Ask us about becoming a 50/50 distributor to run your business without the investment.​

  • Access to an online site to help manage and monitor your placements

  • One-on-one personal training

  • Around the clock customer service for you and your customers

  • A team of experienced professionals to help you succeed

  • An assessment sheet that will help you determine if your sourced location is profitable

  • Transactional revenue split paid daily

  • ATM paper and one-time signage

  • Backend processing

  • A reliable network for wireless ATM communications are also offered

ATM Independent Sales Representative

o    Make your own hours and work as little or as often as you like! 

o    What you are offered is an Assessment sheet that will help you to determine if  your sourced location is profitable,

o    One-on-one Personal training

o    Pre-printed Contracts and paperwork

o    Around the clock customer service for you and your customers

o    Team of experienced professionals to help you succeed

o    Optional payment of low finder’s fee with monthly per transaction residuals or a higher up-front finder’s fee with little to no transaction pay,

o    ATM paper and one-time signage

o    Back end processing and a reliable network for wireless ATM communication.

ATM Independent Sales Rep.jpg

o    What you do is Identify ATM placement location(s) that meets criteria,

o    Work with B&B to help manage sales process through to installation

o    Hand off to B&B!

o    Your success is our goal.


Both our ATM distribution and Sales representative programs provide:

o    Award-winning reliable technology that supports all major networks and equipment

o    Next Day settlement so your money works harder and faster for you,

o    Secure, redundant, load-balanced data centers provide maximum protection against downtime,

o    Free real-time Internet reporting, web-based reporting with custom reports and much more,

o    Monthly residual income that lets your money work for you

o    24/7 remote monitoring to maximize your portfolios’ up-time

o    24/7 technical support with live assistance.

Casino Cash Access

Casino Cash Access.jpg

CASINO MONEY manages ATMs, cash advances, POS debit and check cashing services within a single software application that electronically reconciles every financial transaction on the gaming floor.

CASH ADVANCE:  Bypassing withdraw limits=increased profits

o    CASINOMONEY 3-of-a-kind ATM authorizes these higher cash withdraw requests through a point of sale debit cash withdraw, or a credit card cash advance transaction

o    With valid ID, an available line of credit, and an authentic signature, gaming patrons can immediately withdraw thousands of dollars in cash.

o    Players quickly return to the gaming floor to place their next bet


o    CASINTOMONEY converts paper checks into electronic currency, which eliminates direct deposit of paper checks into your bank account

o    Save time

o    Detect bad checks earlier

o    Expedite payment

o    Eliminate the risk of bounced checks

o    Automate the collection of items with NSF

o    If a NSF check is recorded, the systems re-presents the check up to two times and collects a service fee from the originators account.

Branded ATMs for Banks and Credit Unions

Simply put — bank-branding with B&B Financial Services is a low-cost ATM program with high dividends:

We make it easy for banks and credit unions to harness the power of our branded ATMs to achieve turn-key profits without costly headaches.

o   Dramatically boost your customer service

o   Make it easy for your clients to access their cash

o   Make your presence in a highly competitive marketplace stand out from the pack

o   Build long-term brand value and loyalty:  capitalize on the established traffic,   marketing  expenditures and added convenience of your ATM retail locations. Maintain current customers and attract new ones.

o   Higher Profit Margin: Take advantage of future revenue potential and customer service by offering enhanced ATM services, such as prepaid cards, benefits cards, check depositing, bill paying, cell phone top-off and much more!

o   Low Costs: Enjoy an easy ATM placement program without the capital expenditures of hardware, maintenance, and other related costs.


branded ATM.png


Do not leave your store behind!  Earn up to $1,000 hosting a Bitcoin ATM


  • Simple and Convenient

  • Fast and Secure exchange platform

  • Visibility on Bitcoin ATM map sites

  • Highly user-friendly

  • Free Bitcoin ATM & Marketing

  • No setup or maintenance

  • Boost foot traffic and sales

  • The manufacturer pays you monthly rent

Bitcoin ATM.png



  • Full color advertising

  • Fully customizable

  • Perfect for small spaces or huge venues Convenience stores, gas stations, bars & restaurants, event venues and many more

  • Maximize visibility and traffic

  • Increase sales and profits

  • Direct access to coupons and discounts

  • Generate new revenue Promote in-store products

  • Increase ATM transactions

​Capture a range of audience metrics—including age, gender, dwell times, time of day, day of week, and other parameters based on active viewership to finetune your message in real-time, all captured using our integrated camera, motion sensors, and beacons


Cash 2 Card

Going cash-free is becoming more and more popular---offering a quick, easy way to pay, and protection from loss, theft and the transmission of germs and virus.

With our Cash2Card machines, we offer the option to add a kiosk to exchange cash for a credit card directly in your place of business.


Stadiums, Grocery Stores, Retailers, Convention Centers, Restaurants, Shopping Malls and any other business who accepts cash as a form of payment


The benefits are  huge!

•  Protect employees from handling cash

• Reduce fraud; Prevent counterfeit currency


•  Don’t turn cash-paying customers away


•  No change to manage, card payments process much faster


•  Card transactions help maximize your basket

•  Exchange germ-filled cash for brand new plastic

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