Get your customers cash when they need it..


B&B Financial provides exceptional service, outstanding customer support, reliable hardware,and innovative software. We help companies manage their ATMs, Smart Safes and Cashless Payment options by providing the installation, service, training, monitoring, reporting and administrative support they deserve.


By eliminating third-party vendors, we control every aspect of the business. From start to finish, B&B Financials full-service model results in higher customer retention rates, which exceeds our customers’ expectations.

Retail ATMs

Bars | Restaurants | Convenience Stores | Gas Stations Liquor Stores Hair Salons | Nail Salons AND MORE

No monthly fees and no hidden costs
Quick, easy and trouble-free
Full service, no cost programs for indoor, outdoor or through-the-wall applications.

Smart Safe Cash Management

Smart Safe’s are intelligent, in-store cash management systems that are the answers to your problems:

Increase safety, security and accelerate cash flow.

Receive, protect and track cash sales

Monitors and reconciles all deposit activity

Streamlined operations

No need to change banks

The machine counts the cash for you eliminating error and theft

Eliminates the need to make bank trips

Saves time preparing deposits

Increases asset security and employee safety

Decrease costs

Better rates. Deeper revenue​

Let us set up your business with the perfect cash solution

For over 20 years, we have built long-term relationships that are based on the reliability and integrity of our services.

Our reputation is built on the quality of our people and our capacity to create value through our cash and payment services.

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We currently only serve CM/MM customers based in the U.S.A.

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Address: PO Box 9 Woodstock, MD 21163

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